Wedding Infographics you simply need to look at

Indispensable wedding infographics you simply need to look at! Pinterest is the Queen of weddings!   There are gold mines, nuggets and jewels of wedding pinning inspiration in abundance, that is, if you know how to find it.  We can’t protect you from the really really bad images that some pinners get finger trigger happy with, but we can help you with some decent wedding planning on our own boards, and suggest others that will really focus your wedding mind on the minutiae.

We have scoured the world of Pinterest to find what we think, are some really useful wedding infographics that you can refer to at a glance.  Create your own wedding planning board and pin away.  They contain wedding planning tips and tricks to make wedding planning a breeze.  You can find out how to decide on your guest list in 60 seconds, to seasonal flowers.  Happy pinning.

 The Minute Guest List

Avoid the unavoidable discussions over who to invite to your wedding, by following this simple guide.

wedding guest list

Let Them Eat Cake

We have no idea here at WIS Towers how large a cake should be to feed all your guests and have some left over.  This is a brilliant guide to work out just that and save on those ££££££s with uneaten cake.

Wedding Cake

What Flowers and When

I am sure every bride dreams of her favourite flowers in their bouquet, but what if it’s out of season – that can get really expensive.  This lovely infographic tells you what is on offer at the time of year.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Hair Tips

10 top tips to get the hairstyle of your dreams for your big day.

Wedding Hair

The Open & Shutter Case of Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers are in abundance, and every wedding fair or wedding directory you check out will have lots of choices.  This is a simple list to focus the mind to get that shortlist.  After that – get to know your wedding photographer and look at their portfolios.  Weddings in Surrey has a directory of the best wedding photographers in Surrey.

Social Media Best Times Post Infographic (2)

Emergency 999

Yes, we know this wedding infographic is a bit over the pond-ish, but the wedding day emergency kit list basics are all there.  Get your chief bridesmaid to put together an Emergency Kit for those unforeseen happenings.


Emergency Kit

One For The Boys

Most millennial men grew up with bow ties on a piece of elastic.  This is a great guide on how to tie a bow tie.  It may take some practice and someone else may have to do it.

bow tie