Six sure signs he is going to propose

With V Day just around the corner, there will be many hopefuls out there of getting asked ‘The Question’.  Whether it’s a down on one knee, or a “shall we get spliced then” sort of proposal.  But what are the sure signs he is going to propose to you?

Below is our list of six sure signs he is going to propose!  And if your boyfriend ticks at least four of these ‘ sure signs he is going to propose boxes ‘ and you don’t get a proposal you need to consider dumping him!

Sure signs he is going to propose - Weddings in Surrey

One.  He’s started penny pinching and become a miser

One of the first signs of your man proposing, according to research, is penny pinching.  Most women noticed that their men were being super cagey when it came to splashing the cash.  Instead of scrumptious dinners out, it becomes cosy nights in with a spag bol.  Impetuous spending on the home becomes a trip to IKEA.  He spends months being the dullest person on earth who doesn’t want to go out and then only wants to buy the supermarket basic range.

Two.  An unusual interest in jewellery

The previous disinterested man suddenly starts talking about rings.  Not in the direct sort of way, but the passing comment on someone else’s ring, such as a celebrity, their Mother’s or friend.   He suddenly questions you on what you think about yellow gold, white gold or platinum.  Don’t be surprised if you find one of your ring’s missing, or circular drawings on random pieces of paper.

Three.  Talks about ‘my mate’s proposal’

Starts talking about someone who knows someone who proposed to their girlfriend and presented her with a ring.  He will ask you what your thoughts are on that sort of proposal, and would you have wanted to choose your own ring.  Start looking at ring ideas girls!

Four.  Mobiles/PCs/Tablets are out of bounds

There is no question that any research is now done online, and of course it leaves a knowledge trail.  The man about to propose will be searching online for proposal ideas, engagement ring costs, and of course what to do if she says NO.

Five.  A mini vacation has been planned

Since when did your boyfriend organise a mini vacation all by himself, without consulting you?  If he suggests a weekend away around Valentines Day in Rome, Venice, or a romantic hideaway, without asking you which you prefer, he could be finding that perfect and memorable location to pop the question.  Especially if it involves air travel and he gets very nervous about the contents of his luggage and metal detectors!

Six. Your parents, friends and family are super excited to hear from you.

It’s just a routine ‘Hi’ call to your nearest and dearest, but they seem super excited to hear from you, and question you on your news.  This could be that your boyfriend has spoken to your parents to ask permission, or checked with your friends if his ideas of how to propose are on the right track.

If the sure signs he is going to propose turn into a massive ‘YES’ read our guide to the First Ten Steps of Planning a Wedding.