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Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Suppliers

Weddings in Surrey have compiled definitive essential questions you should ask your wedding suppliers before making a decision. How many couples have a checklist of questions you should ask your wedding suppliers before making a commitment? On asking couples that have recently married, it would appear not many. Couples make a decision from browsing a directory like Weddings in Surrey. Other couples made a decision based on their friends having already used the wedding supplier, recommendations from their wedding venue, or a quick meeting at a wedding fair.

To make sure that you don’t make a costly mistake, we have come up with the not so obvious questions you should ask your wedding suppliers. We are not listing the obvious here, of course you are going to enquire about their availability, obvs!   Other basic information should be covered on suppliers’ terms and conditions. If they can’t answer, or commit to an answer, you should seriously think about going elsewhere. Those ‘gut feelings’ should never be ignored, and of course you all have wedding insurance, right?! If not, get wedding insurance straight away, from as little as £20 to cover unforeseen events, it’s a no brainer.

Below, you will find a list of questions you should ask your wedding supplier, split into categories, so you don’t forget a thing! We know every wedding is individual so feel free to add your own.

Wedding Venue

  • Are we allowed to bring our own alcohol
  • Is there a corkage charge
  • Are your recommended suppliers mandatory
  • Will you discount guest accommodation
  • Is there a bridal suite available
  • What time do we have to finish by
  • Is there a noise limitation
  • What cancellation policy do you have
  • Is there a maximum limit on the number of guests, day & evening

Wedding Caterers

  • Do you have a separate menu for other suppliers who attend the day
  • Is a menu tasting included in the package
  • Have you worked here before
  • Are the costs inclusive of your staff on the day

Bridal Shop

  • Do you charge for first appointments to try on dresses
  • How much time am I allowed for my first appointment
  • How many people can I bring with me for my appointment
  • How much time should I allocate for dress fittings and alterations

Wedding Photographer

  • What happens if you fall ill on the day
  • Do you have back-up equipment, cameras
  • How do you back up your images of my wedding
  • Who does the editing of the images
  • Can we have copyright of our images
  • What are your travel costs
  • What will you be wearing on the day

Wedding Flowers

  • What flowers are in season
  • How do you ensure that the flowers are at their best on the day
  • Can you provide containers/vases that we can keep

Wedding Cake

  • Are you able to offer a vegan/gluten free cake
  • What back-up do you provide should something happen to the cake in transit
  • Can we sample before choosing
  • Can you provide a cake with natural ingredients and filling
  • How long will the cake last
  • Can I have one tier of the cake that can be stored for some time

Wedding Entertainment

  • Do you have any back-up if you are unable to attend on the day
  • Are you able to compose a first dance song personal to us
  • Do you have a sound limiter (our venue limits the noise)
  • Can you provide a silent disco
  • What space do you need to set up and how much time before hand

When you first start planning your wedding it can be completely overwhelming knowing where to start.  Check out our handy fact sheet of the First Ten Steps of Wedding Planning before seeking any suppliers.  Weddings in Surrey has hundreds of trusted Surrey wedding suppliers who really will transform your day.  Meeting them with a list of essential questions you should ask your wedding suppliers really will help you create the day of your dreams with no surprises.