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How Big Should Your Wedding Cake Be?

It’s a question often asked – how big should your wedding cake be? Whether you are making it yourself, asking your family to help or hiring a professional, it’s a tricky task to work out how big your wedding cake should be. Look no further than these five top tips from Ella Rose Cakes on how to ensure everyone gets a slice of your wedding cake!

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  • Cater for 75-100% of your total evening guests – this is a good starting point to ensure your cake-loving guests each get a slice (or maybe two), without incurring waste at the end of the night. That is, unless you are serving your wedding cake as dessert, or boxing it up for guests to take home, in which case you’ll need at least enough for every guest.

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  • Wedding portion sizes are different to birthday cake – Your wedding cake won’t be cut into triangles or wedges like we usually cut a cake, instead wedding cakes are cut into ‘fingers’ of approximately 2cm x 2cm.  Most wedding venues and caterers know how to cut a wedding cake but to be sure, when ordering an Ella Rose Cake for your wedding, it is delivered with a cutting guide, instructions, and diagrams to ensure you get the correct number of portions to feed your wedding guests. The height of each slice will vary depending on how many layers are in each tier. More often than not, wedding cakes are baked with three layers of sponge in each tier, but some wedding cake makers may opt for two or four layers.


  • Wedding Cakes are measured in inches – if you are opting to use a professional wedding cake maker in Surrey then the quotes you receive might include recommended tier sizes, measured in inches. This is simply because it is how cake tins are measured so it makes the life of your wedding cake maker that bit easier. If you use the guide below and know how big you want each tier of your wedding cake then don’t be afraid to tell the wedding cake makers you are contacting so they can turn around your quote even quicker. Standard wedding cakes quotes are based on round cakes, as they are the most common choice, so if you want a square wedding cake (or any other shape) check with your wedding cake designer on how this effects the portions and price.


  • Match the size with your wedding cake stand – Most cake stands provided by wedding venues can accommodate an average-to-large wedding cake, but it’s important to know that your wedding cake will likely be delivered on a cake board that is at least 2inches wider than the size of the bottom tier of the cake. For example, for a cake where the bottom tier is 12”, the stand will need to be at least 14” across in diameter.


  • Use this guide – based on a range of wedding guest numbers, this handy guide calculates the actual portions that the cake is cut based on different sizes of wedding cakes for you because no bride-to-be should be doing the maths. Ensure your guests will all be fed by saving it to Pinterest, printing and sticking it in your wedding planner or taking a screenshot on your phone now!


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