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Hashtag The # Social Media Wedding

Whether your parents or relatives like it or not, Hashtags and The # social media wedding looks like it will be a part of your day.   Who these days doesn’t spot someone out at a social occasion tapping away at their smart phone?  Who these days doesn’t see a bunch of phones miraculously appear for a snap of a moment?

It’s safe to assume in today’s world, unless you place a ban on use of smart phones at your wedding, social media is going to be a part of your day. So capitalize on that and be sure not to miss any of those snapshots, or should we say, Snapchat moment.

Social media includes Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

# Hashtag Social Media Wedding - Weddings in Surrey

Here are six ways to turn the smart phone craze into the # Social Media Wedding

Your own Personal Social Media Wedding #Hashtag

Create a unique Hashtag and distribute it amongst your guests and family. Try to keep it short enough so that it is easy to input on a smartphone, and more importantly, doesn’t duplicate with another really popular Hashtag. Using #ourwedding or #wedding may not be the best! Use the Hashtag starting from your wedding invitations, Hen & Stag parties, through to the day itself. Your own personal stream online.

Snapshot to Snapchat It

For the wedding day itself, or Hens & Stags Parties, Snapchat only stays live for 24 hours. Ask your friends to Add to Your Story, to enable you to view and save for 24 hours. Here’s a really good guide on using Snapchat filters

Instagram It

The beauty of Instagram is that it also streams to social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook. Give a nudge for those who use Instagram to automatically share to their other social media accounts with your own personal Hashtag in the comments.

Drop it

Dropbox accounts come for free with a decent amount of storage space. All of your friends will be capturing moments of your day from the minute they start getting ready for your wedding. Ask them to upload to a folder on Dropbox so you don’t miss those priceless memories.

Wedding Website

Set up your own website just for your wedding. The beauty of these is that you can manage your wedmin too! Check out Weddings in Surrey Supplier ‘Wedding Prints and Designs’ who can design a bespoke wedding website just for you!

Facebook It

Facebook now has a Live Stream feature, which means that your nearest and dearests can capture moments of your day live and stream it to their FB account.  Use your unique hashtag and you, and those that live far away and can’t make your day, can be a part of it.


Of course, there are many many channels you can use to create your own # Social Media Wedding, including Tumblr, Flickr and Boomerang. These are just a few ideas that cover the most widely used across all generations.

We are sure that you are already pinning like mad to Pinterest, but if not check out some stunning wedding inspiration via our own social media wedding accounts. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and be sure never to miss the latest inspiration and news.