Genius wedding ideas for your guests

Your wedding will be the biggest and most important party you’ll ever throw, so you will want it to be memorable and fun!  Not every couple think that their wedding guests are going to have every minute of the day filled with something to keep them from getting a little bored.  The savvy bride and groom will come up with some wedding ideas to amuse their guests during the dull  quieter moments.  There are lots of ways to make your wedding fun,  and we especially love the wedding ideas that also act as an ice-breaker for those guests who don’t know each other too well.

Wedding Ideas – One

Place an I Spy card on each table and get your guests to snap those moments of the day that your photographer can miss.  Upload them to Instagram with #yourwedding and be sure not to miss a priceless moment.



ISpy Wedding Ideas - Weddings in Surrey


Wedding Ideas – Two

Get your guests to complete the wedding trivia quiz, either by couple, or by table.  A prize can be awarded to the most correct answers.

Wedding Ideas for Guests - Weddings in Surrey

Wedding Ideas – Three

Fill a jam jar with truth or dare (you may want to keep it clean!) – a great way to get your guests to know each other.

Wedding Ideas Icebreaker - Weddings in Surrey

Wedding Ideas – Four

A lovely keepsake for after the day, and a great memory of your guests.  Get them to complete the card and place in a postbox or vintage suitcase.

wedding guest

Wedding Ideas – Five

A great idea for a wedding guest table plan, plus your guests will get to see who they are sharing their table with.  No cheating and swapping!



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