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Everything you need to know about The Royal Wedding

Excitement is mounting with the impending Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. With a new royal baby in the household, Prince Harry is now 6th in line to the throne, which means that the Royal couple are not obliged to make this wedding a State occasion.

A spokesperson said: “It has been decided that an official list of political leaders — both UK and international — is not required for Prince Harry and Ms Markle’s wedding.

“Her Majesty’s government was consulted on this decision, which was taken by the royal household.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning a people’s wedding which would have pleased Princess Diana hugely.

Royal wedding 1

Royal Wedding Nitty Gritty

We can now share the minutiae of the days itself, from the design of the flowers to a rumour that the Spice Girls are going to perform!

When & Where

Going against tradition, the Royal Wedding is going to take place on a Saturday, 19th May, the same day at the FA Cup Final.  We are hoping that most households will have more than one TV.

The wedding service of Harry and Meghan will start at midday in St. Georges Chapel.  The newlyweds will then make their way through Windsor in a carriage to enable people to come together and enjoy the day.

The couple are scheduled to have two receptions. Following the first at St George’s Hall, a second private reception will be hosted by Prince Charles at Frogmore House – which will reportedly include several live acts.

The Bride

It is reported that Meghan will wear two wedding gowns.  One more formal dress for the wedding and reception and the second one more glam for the evening party being held later that evening.

A well known expert predicts Meghan will wear her hair in a sleek up do for her wedding, which will show off her dress and allow her hair to stay in place all day.  She usually opts for simple styles, and may allow some softer hair around her face.  Predictions are she will wear a tiara which will provide a more secure hold than hair which is left loose.

The Invitations

The Royal Wedding Invitations were created by Barnard & Westwood, a company that has held a Royal warrant since 1985.  They follow years of Royal Wedding tradition and feature the Three Feathered Badge of the Prince of Wales.  They are die-stamped in gold with a bevelled edge, with the names added by a calligrapher.


The Wedding Cake

Claire Ptak, owner of bakery Violet Cakes has been chosen to create the royal wedding cake.

Claire Ptak

“Prince Harry and Ms Markle have asked Claire to create a lemon elderflower cake that will incorporate the bright flavours of spring,” confirmed Kensington Palace. “It will be covered in buttercream and decorated with fresh flowers.  “Claire Ptak uses seasonal and organic ingredients in her cakes. Ms Markle previously interviewed Chef Ptak for her former lifestyle website The Tig,” they continued, adding that the couple are “looking forward to sharing the cake with guests at their wedding”.

The Flowers

Philippa Craddock will be designing the wedding flowers, which will follow a natural wildflower theme.

Philippa Craddock

Philippa’s team will get together with a team at St. Georges Chapel and Buckingham Palace to source local flowers from the Crown Estate and Windsor Great Park.  They are likely to include Tllinator-friendly plants from the wildflower meadows, which provide a great habitat for bees and sustain ecosystems.  The designs will also white garden roses, foxgloves, and branches of beech.  Where possible, Philippa will use flowers and plants that are in season and blooming naturally in May.

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