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Boho Festival Wedding Entertainment

We are dead excited to bring you this boho festival wedding entertainment guide from Alive Network. They have come up with a genius ultimate guide to Wedding Entertainment. Simply pick your wedding theme from Vintage to Classical and they will provide a whole host of wedding entertainment ideas for every step of your wedding day. To give you an idea we’ve chosen Boho Festival wedding entertainment for this blog, and you will see how the guide unfolds during your day, giving you a massive selection of entertainers and ideas.

Wedding Readings from Love Songs

Stuck for original ideas for your ceremony. We’ve found some beautiful wedding readings from love song lyrics. I took a little break last week and travelled to Turkey for a Summer beach break. Absolutely wonderful people, stunning beaches and hot hot hot. Anyway I digress! Whilst I was sipping a cool Mojito cocktail the live band covered a really old track that just had the most beautiful words. It was an old Bread track from way way back, which got me thinking about wedding readings from love songs.

7 ways to wear a sarong - The Fashion Roomn - Weddings in Surrey

7 Ways to Wear a Sarong

Who ever knew there are more than 7 ways to wear a sarong.  We caught up with Aitziber from The Fashion Room who shows you 7 ways to wear a sarong, from the classic tie skirt to a cold shoulder uber dress.  Take a couple of sarongs on your honeymoon …

Instagram Flowerjam Technicolour Wedding

Instagram Inspiration Technicolour Wedding

We scoured our faves on Instagram to bring you hot technicolour wedding inspiration. It’s #WeddingWednesday and schools are out for Summer.  Families and friends are jetting off to sunny holidays, so we thought we would bring some va va voom to Weddings in Surrey.  Conjure up sunny skies, vibrant colours …

How to take a wedding dress on a plane -

How to Take a Wedding Dress on a Plane

We tell you how to take a wedding dress on a plane for a destination wedding.  This will probably be the most expensive piece of clothing you have ever bought, and therefore getting it safely to your wedding will be paramount. Bridalwear shops will place your dress beautifully steamed into …

Unique Weddings - Social Media

7 Ways to Make your Wedding Unique

Would you like to stand out from the rest and make your wedding unique?  Weddings in Surrey tell you how you can personalise and make your wedding unique with 7 of our hot favourites! Your wedding day should be all about you as a couple and not too caught up …

Wedding Entertainment Advice

New Expert Wedding Entertainment Advice Series Warble Entertainment Agency are the UK’s number one supplier of bands for weddings and entertainers to the wedding industry and they are now providing a free wedding entertainment advice series, packed with useful information and helpful tips to guide you on your special day. …

Tacky Revealing Wedding Dress -

Top 10 Tacky Wedding Planning Don’ts

Our ten tacky wedding planning don’ts are going to be very much a personal thing. What floats your boat and all that. Tacky doesn’t necessarily mean cheap weddings on a budget either. Tacky can involve thousands of ££££ and some cringe worthy moments too.

Lose weight for your wedding day -

Lose weight for your wedding in the shortest time possible

Lose weight for your wedding in the shortest possible time! The Tim E Fitness goal can help you lose weight for your wedding in the shortest possible time.  They simplify everything for you and give you clear, concise instructions on how you can achieve the body of your dreams in the …

Country Life says do learn some restraint

Wedding suppliers were up in uproar at the Country Life Wedding article. They advised couples to pare down their weddings and learn some restraint!  They advised quality over quantity and more sincerity in planning nuptials. Giles Kime wrote: Country Life’s call to pare back the British wedding is nothing to …