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10 Reasons Why Easter Weddings are Amazing

Having an Easter wedding is under-rated in our view, and Weddings in Surrey are going to give you 10 good reasons why an Easter wedding is amazing.  The majority of couples opt for the month of August to get married, with a rising monthly trend from March onwards. Getting married in the Summer months can add £££ to your wedding budget where venues and suppliers can charge optimum prices due to high demands.  Honeymoon vacations are at the busiest time of the holiday season.

We’re going to sell you the idea of having an Easter wedding – not too hard to imagine when the weather is so glorious right now.


Opting for an Easter Wedding is a great opportunity to snap up discounted Surrey wedding venue package offers.  If you are up for a mid-week wedding, there can be considerable savings to be made on venue hire.


What better excuse can there be to have chocolate and more chocolate at your Easter wedding!  Chocolate cake, chocolate eggs and more!


Bunnies & Chicks

Find a Surrey Wedding Barn on a farm means lots of cute animals.  Great photo opportunities with newly born lambs, bunnies and chicks.

Easter Wedding - New Born Lambs - Weddings in Surrey

Wedding Favours

Easter wedding table decorations can double up as wedding favours.  Mason Jars crammed with mini eggs.  A hand-decorated painted egg (some DIY here) used at your place names.  Macarons, bunny biscuits, or even perfect filled birds nests.

Easter Wedding Favours - Weddings in Surrey

Easter Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake can be as subtle or vibrant as you want.  Vivid yellows and purple reflecting the spring flowers in bloom, or the subtle shades of pastels



Everything Floral

The abundance of Spring flowers available creates stunning floral displays.  The top ten Spring wedding bouquet flowers include vibrantly scented lilacs, colour pop ranunculus, tulips, daffodils, magnolias, sweet peas, roses, hydrangeas, lily of the valley, irises.

Easter Wedding Flowers - Weddings in Surrey

Source: Goodhousekeeping.co.uk

Spring Colour Theme

The great thing about Easter is that it brings vivid colours into play when planning an Easter wedding.  Vibrant yellows, orange and purple can be used in abundance with seasonal flowers, to be themed with your bridesmaids’ dresses and table colours.  If colour pop is not your thing, pastels of pale lemons, blush, pale mint, and subtle blues also complement an Easter wedding.

Having Fun with the Kids

What could be more fun than having an Easter Egg hunt to amuse the little (and not so little) ones at your wedding?  Perfect for keeping the children busy whilst the photographs are being taken, or that lull between day and evening.   Crafting an Easter bonnet kit or daffodil, painting an Easter egg (hard boiled!), Easter colouring competition is perfect table activities should the weather not be kind on the day.

The 2 or 3 Day Wedding

If you have chosen to have your wedding over the Easter break, this is the perfect opportunity to extend your wedding into the weekend, as most of your guests will not have to go to work.  Why not have a 2 or 3-day wedding, now a celebrity trend. It’s not unusual to have a pre-wedding get together on day 1, the wedding on day 2 and a recovery post-wedding get together on day 3 – for a group breakfast, morning activity or BBQ lunch.


Outside Wedding

This year Easter is in the latter half of April where it is not unusual to record temperatures above 20C.  Spring has sprung and the clocks moved forward which means more hours of daylight.  Cherry trees are in full bloom, and shrubs and woodland trees are beginning to bud.  If the wedding venue has outside space April is a good opportunity to take advantage of the glorious scenery for your photographs at this time of year.

Easter Wedding Moodboard

Easter Wedding Mood Board - Weddings in Surrey




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