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Wedding Posing Tips & Tricks from Magda Hoffman Photography

Most, including the team at WIS Towers, feel quite awkward when it comes to having photographs taken with something more than a smart phone quick snap.  The thought of posing in front of camera can be really daunting.  Weddings in Surrey caught up with Magda Hoffman of Magda Hoffman Photography with some questions to get the lowdown on wedding posing.  Magda has shared some great tips to get those natural photographs, and how she works with couples to get the best shots on their big day.

What do most couples ask you when they first meet you?

Magda tells us that wedding posing is a subject that always comes up in the pre-wedding meeting.  Couples always state “We would like to have natural photographs, we don’t like posing”. She explains. “I totally understand it.  Even I sometimes don’t feel like being photographed. I tend to be very critical about the way I look on the photographs. But if I am in front of a photographer who can put me at ease, then it is a different story.”

How can couples choose the right photographer?

“The most important criteria is choosing a photographer that you have complete trust in.  There are a lot of wedding photographers out there, so make a shortlist based on their portfolio and a style that you like.  Next step is to meet with them to get to know them personally.”

How do you put couples at ease? 

“I see pretty much everything in my viewfinder, I spot the nervousness, and I also can see if somebody feels a bit awkward standing in line. It is pretty much guaranteed that this will be visible on photographs and my job is to turn the negative emotions into the positive ones! I tend to talk to people while I am shooting. Ask them about how they are, ask them to look at each other, have a giggle because this way they will feel less stiff. Sometimes I even tell a joke or make a funny comment, as a result the natural smiles suddenly appear on their own and people feel more relaxed. This is a perfect moment for me to press the button, take the photo and freeze the happy emotions.”

Wedding posing for the perfect bride and groom shots

“When I am with my couple and we are working on, as I call it, a private photo shoot, I tend to ask them to just focus on themselves. Because apart from the moment when they were exchanging their vows and they were looking into each other’s eyes, this is another opportunity to take a deep breath and just enjoy the moment before coming back to the crowd of the guests. I know sometimes it is not easy, because I am there with them. However if we have developed a level of trust before the wedding, perhaps we got to know each other a little bit during the engagement shoot, it helps a lot. During this shoot, I direct my couples into a natural posing according to the light on the day. I want them to feel comfortable in front of me and to have fun.”

Wedding Posing - Magda Hoffman Photography

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How would you describe your style?

“My approach to weddings is fairly relaxed. Couples will often describe my style as natural & stylish but also fun, which really put them at ease to get the best shots on the day.

Let me explain my definition of wedding posing at weddings. First of all, a wedding isn’t an editorial shoot and it never should be. Every wedding has got its own story. My aim is to capture this story and to put you at ease during family & friends shots. I call them staged photographs because they wouldn’t happen without my direction.”

Take a look at the examples of some stunning wedding posing images that look natural although the desired results were achieved through Magda’s gentle direction.

Wedding Posing - Magda Hoffman Photography

Wedding Posing - Magda Hoffman Photography

Wedding Posing - Magda Hoffman Photography

Wedding Posing - Magda Hoffman Photography

Wedding Posing - Magda Hoffman Photography

Wedding Posing - Magda Hoffman Photography



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