Wedding Planning Top Tips

We went to our social media followers and asked them for their Wedding Planning Top Tips.  Here’s a list of 0ur Favourites.

“If you’re having canapés and choose specific ones for the kids ask the venue to put some aside for any junior bridesmaids or flower girls/page boys who might miss out because of photos” – Gemma

“Our top tip for our brides is to put Vaseline on your feet & between your toes, no rubbing on the day!”  Sharon – Love me do Brides

“Be super specific with the venue about what you want from your day when you meet with them before the wedding” – Sam

“Number the back of your Save the Dates because there will be people who forget to write their names on them & make sure you go with what you (& your groom ☺️) want” – Sam

“Don’t let other people sway you on suppliers/colour scheme/venue etc. if you know in your hearts & minds how you want your day to look like” – Sam

“Sort your wedding rings out FIRST, before dresses, suits, menus, favours, decorations. Unless you are buying from a high street jeweller, custom rings can take MONTHS to sort out, especially sorting out hallmarks and making sure things are fitted correctly. My husband’s ring was only finished 72 hours before the big day, mine didn’t even make the big day and I had to emergency order from Clogau as my custom order was delayed” – Simone Measday

“Think about hiring an on the day wedding planner, who can take care of all the minute details, leaving the couple completely stress-free. From just £200 it’s got to be a cost on the budget worth paying” – Pamela 

“Put empty vases on the tables of bridesmaid and head table so they can pop their flowers in them and they’ll dress tables beautiful” – Natalie

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