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Top DIY Wedding Favour Ideas

We’ve done the hard work for you and put together our Weddings in Surrey top DIY Wedding favour ideas. These are not only cheap wedding favour ideas, but also fun to make.

1. Stamped Biscuits

Simply bake some biscuits with a flavour and or theme of your choice. Ice, and stamp with a personalised message. We have to say these are simple yet effective and look delicious, taking top DIY wedding favour ideas to the max.

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2. Meant to Bee Honey Favours

A sweet practical gift that will wow your guests. To make it really personal, you could buy locally sourced honey in bulk from the area you’re getting married in. It can then be decanted into smaller jars with your personalised labels and fabric lid cover to match your colour theme.


3. Plants

These gorgeous little plants would brighten up any table.  These are not only wedding favours for your guests to keep, but also adds to your table plan by doubling up as place setting names. Two purposes in one! These may not be top DIY wedding favour ideas unless you grow them yourself, but with a personalised label and ribbon they’ll have the desired look.

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4. Stones

These are a really simple idea. Pop some stones in a bag with a personalised label.  These can be used to play like marbles or as skimming stones on water.

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5. Bath Salts

Give your guests a real treat with homemade bath soak salt. Fun to make with your partner or friends and will fill the room with wonderful scents.

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Soap Making Magazine

6. Personalised Mint to Be

Who doesn’t love these handy little mints! They come in various colours and flavours.

Weddings in Surrey

Life Bridal

6. Lemonchello

This little tipple really packs a punch. Using different bottles can change the look and feel to suit you’re theme. Easy to make by combining lemon zest with vodka, and adding dissolved sugar when ready. Jamie Oliver has his own recipe here.

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Whatever you choose you have to agree that these all look great. For other inspiration go to our Inspirations Page. 



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