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Top 10 Tacky Wedding Planning Don’ts

Our ten tacky wedding planning don’ts are going to be very much a personal thing.  What floats your boat and all that.  Tacky doesn’t necessarily mean cheap weddings on a budget either.  Tacky can involve thousands of ££££ and some cringe worthy moments too.

We’ve come up with our top ten tacky wedding planning don’ts – some of which you will experience often at a wedding.  We don’t intend to offend anyone who may have included one or more of our list, it’s just our personal view of ‘tacky’.  Please feel free to add to the list by commenting below, or disagreeing with our personal top ten tacky wedding planning don’ts.

10. Asking guests to contribute to the cost of your wedding or honeymoon. 

Now we know this is probably controversial as many couples often set up a fund for their honeymoon.  It’s just that in my view asking for a cash contribution is just, well tacky!  On average guests will have already forked out a few hundred pounds to attend your nuptials.  Not all can afford it but find the money and feel embarrassed about how much or how little to give.   Some will be earning a decent salary and still ask for a donation towards a long-haul honeymoon!  What ever happened to the John Lewis Gift List?

9.  A choreographed first dance

Unless both of you are at a Strictly Come Dancing standard, choreographed first dance routines are best left to the professionals.  Attempts at Thriller and the Dirty Dancing lift have all been done before and placed on You Tube.  Nothing wrong though with getting some dance lessons to put some sophistication in to your number and do something that is a little bit more than a two-step shuffle.  First Dance Studio based in Surrey provide informal lessons, where they can teach waltz to tango and more.  Check out their first Dance packages.

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First Dance Ltd – Woking Surrey

 8.  Shoes with ‘Help Me’

Kneeling in front of the altar and the bride or groom is wondering why their guests are tittering. It’s been done to death – give it up.  Giving the impression that one of you doesn’t want to get married to the other is not funny.

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7. Social media

Smart phones have taken over the world it seems.  Do ask guests to place phones on silent for the ceremony and speeches.  Having phones ringing, pinging, playing Bruno Mars during poignant moments is a no no.  Equally, Twitter and Facebook posts on the day is pretty tacky in our book, couples should have their phones safely locked away for the day.  Guests should refrain from posting any images of the day before the couple agree they can.   10/10 tackiness if the groom sees his bride to be in her wedding dress on Twitter before she arrives up the aisle. No no no.

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6. Proposals of marriage

If any guest thinks it’s a good idea to propose during someone else’s wedding, knock that idea on the head immediately.  It’s their day not yours!

5.  Best Man speeches

We know that the Best Man is under a lot of pressure to deliver on the day.  In fact some may have been to hypnosis to overcome their nerves.  Please please do not mention shenanigans with any ex’s!  It will surely lead to a humungous row on the wedding night!  If you want some inspiration on speeches, there’s plenty of books and advice out there.

4.  Wedding suppliers touting for business

Wedding suppliers should not use a wedding to tout for business.  No handing out of flyers or business cards placed strategically next to the wedding cake or wedding flower centrepieces.  If the wedding suppliers are good and anyone is interested they will ask the bride and groom for contact details.

3.  Facebook invites

This really is part of social media, but feel it deserves a rank all by itself.  Using Facebook to invite someone to your birthday party is a tad different from a wedding invitation.  Any celebration that involves several thousands of pounds deserves an invitation through the post!  This one has the word ‘tacky’ all over it before the wedding has even started.

2.  Revealing dress

K.I.S.S.  Keep it simply sophisticated.  Backless dresses down to the crease of the bottom, scooped up boobs in a low cut dress with a couple of tattoos on display is more fitting for a night club.  Leave something to the imagination.

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Image: Cosmopolitan.com.au

1.  Rock up in style

Arrive in transport appropriate for ‘The Dress’!  A full skirted wedding dress does not fit well into a Mini Traveller, nor do the bridesmaids if you are doubling up.  Start the day with style and book transport, whether it be a VW Campervan, Routemaster Bus or classic Rolls Royce.  Stuck for ideas?  Check out our Wedding Cars & Transport section.

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Feel free to agree, disagree or add to the list!



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