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13 Things to Consider When Choosing your Wedding Venue

Congratulations. You’ve just got engaged and the wedding planning nightmare dream begins. Read on to find out what things to consider when choosing your wedding venue. Every bride to be wants to dash out and start trying on wedding dresses. The first step in planning your big day is not choosing your wedding dress, or perhaps even the sparkler, but to set your budget and select a wedding venue. These two steps are the foundations of wedding planning.

To help you on your way, we’re going to make your planning much easier by giving you 13 things to consider when choosing your wedding venue.

How Much Have You Decided to Spend on Your Wedding?

No matter how much or how little budget you have to spend on your wedding, you will most likely be allocating 50% of this on your wedding venue and reception. Start to look at wedding venues within your price range. Don’t forget to check out any special offers, late availability packages that may make that unattainable wedding venue in Surrey more attainable.  To help you keep your spending on track, download the wedding budget calculator.

Wedding Date

Which date you choose can impact on your choice of venue. Getting married on a popular day or in high wedding season will make a popular venue in high demand. Don’t forget to rule out important days that may interfere with your wedding (family anniversaries, big sporting events).

How Big is your Wedding?

If you always imagined having everyone you know attend your wedding it is unlikely that a rustic country barn will be suitable. The larger the number of guests, the more flexible the venue will need to be. For instance, it will not be practical to have the wedding ceremony and wedding reception in the same room if you have 150 guests, as the setting up time will be considerable. Matching the size of your venue to the number of guests can be really useful in making a shortlist of venues to view.

Things to Consider When Choosing your Wedding Venue

Venue: Burhill Golf Club

Where Do You Want to Get Married?

As Kirsty says – Location, Location, Location. A wedding abroad will likely mean fewer guests. A wedding way outside the area of where you live will necessitate you having to spend at least 2 days away from home, and your guests will require accommodation. Neither do you want to spend long periods of time transporting yourselves to your wedding reception on the day itself.

What Setting Do You Envisage?

What type of wedding have you always envisaged? Write down a shortlist of key points that you would like. These may be outdoor wedding, by the water, festival theme, art deco, rustic barn, picturesque back drop. Honestly this list will help you make the shortlist to view.

How Will You Get Married?

If you are having a church wedding, the reception ideally will not be too far from the Parish. If you envisage a civil ceremony, check that your venue has a licence if you would like just one location. Wedding Celebrants are becoming hugely popular with couples too. You can create a personal ceremony exactly how you would like it to be.

Will Your Venue Let You Provide Your Own Suppliers?

If you have absolutely set your heart on a particular wedding supplier, you will need to check that your chosen venue does not require you to use their own preferred list of suppliers. That said, suppliers that work regularly with venues will be very experienced and come highly recommended.

Gold wedding favour boxes

Venue Testimonials

Check out the testimonials from other couples who have got married at the venue. You will very quickly find out the highs and lows of a venue. Not necessarily bad, but just not suitable for you.

Is the Wedding Venue for Exclusive Use

If you do not want to share your wedding day with another couple, check whether your venue will give you exclusivity. Larger venues often have two or three reception rooms capable of holding multiple weddings. Guests can mingle between the two in the bars, and overnight accommodation limited.

Are There Any Entertainment Restrictions?

A venue shutting up shop at 10:30pm could be a problem for many. Find out what time the bar will close, and if necessary ask if they can apply for an extension. Do they have a noise restriction and if so what is it, and by what time. This could be a major factor if you have chosen a band, and is required to play at a lower volume than you would like, or have to finish by 11pm, just when the party of hotting up.

Be aware of candle restrictions – not unreasonable for these to be banned, as well as fireworks and Chinese lanterns, if these were part of your wedding theme dream.

What Exactly is Included in the Package and What is Extra?

Ask the wedding co-ordinator at the venue to outline exactly what your wedding costs are, and what items are not. Most venues today will include a cake stand & knife and an easel for a table plan in their package. Food for your suppliers on the day are usually an extra charge, as well as your guests off-roading on extra drink orders at the table. Is a bridal suite included on the day, or a room overnight for the couple.

Will the Venue Allow You to Theme Your Venue?

DIY wedding theming remains a big feature of wedding days. How much free reign will the venue give you to decorate with your wedding props. Always best to delegate this job to a trusted friend or family member on the day.

The Obvious

Well it is to us anyhow. We’ve wrapped up the 13th things to consider when choosing your wedding venue by stating the obvious questions.  But just in case you forget……

Is there adequate parking nearby to accommodate your number of guests. If not, think about laying on a coach, or Red Decker bus from a suitable meeting point that does have parking. Is the venue wheelchair accessible, has disabled facilities, and is child friendly if applicable. Does the venue offer special rates for overnight accommodation?





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