10 Inexpensive DIY Wedding Centrepieces

Beautiful & Inexpensive DIY Wedding Centrepieces

Feeling creative?  We’ve put together 10 amazing, easy and inexpensive DIY wedding centrepieces.  With a little bit of foraging in woods and gardens, rummaging at boot sales, and friends’ attics you’d be amazed at what you can find to create stunning DIY wedding centrepieces.  As your guests arrive you want to make that ‘wow’ impression with the look of your venue styling – this can be done by stunning DIY wedding centrepieces, which you can easily make yourself.

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The average cost of UK wedding hits an all-time high, rising by 19% over the previous year. Up from £27,000 to £ 32,000. Wedding budgets are bigger than ever! Not surprisingly London is top of the list for wedding expenses, averaging a massive £41,000. Yorkshire ranks the lowest spend, at …

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15 smart ways to save money on your wedding

Shhhh! Get in on the secret and find 15 insanely smart ways to save money on your wedding. Have you wondered how you are going to wow your guests with a Michelin starred style of a meal with a chain restaurant price tag?  Or how to have diva entertainment without …