The first 10 steps to planning a wedding

The fun starts here!

What are the first 10 steps to planning a wedding?   But before we begin though, many congratulatons from the Weddings in Surrey team and thank you for visiting the ultimate local wedding directory.  The rush to start planning the wedding of the year begins right here and now!   Your ideas running wild with romantic, rustic, boho, festival wedding venues, not to mention designer bridal gowns.  And what is the most unique wedding entertainment out there.  All big dreams, until you realise that actually, your budget just isn’t going to stretch that far!  What is it exactly that you can afford? For most couples, knowing where to start is the most difficult step to take. Once the foundations are in place, the next months of wedding planning will start to flow. We are not saying that it is going to be easy. There will be dramas and bride zilla moments along the way. But if you stick to your first 10 steps to planning a wedding, you should keep on track. Take advantage of our FREE Wedding Tools available for download where you can keep check of your wedding budget spend, guest list and more!

Start here for your first 10 steps to planning a wedding

Step One

Both of you need to sit down separately and list your top three priorities.   No collaboration here!  The easiest way to get to your top three is to make a list of:

  1. What is a ‘must-have’ and will absolutely NOT compromise on,
  2. What you would absolutely would like to have,
  3. What you would be prepared to compromise on.

It will help, really, and now you can whittle the list down to your must haves, followed by would quite like, following by the compromise, budget willing.

Step Two

Set a date.  Be careful not to set a date that clashes with important family events or sporting events that may upset your plans – big time.  For example, football final day, wimbledon, big birthdays or anniversaries.

Step Three

Set a budget.  Of what you can reasonably afford. It is reasonable to add 10-15% for contingency. Download our handy Wedding Budget Worksheet

Step Four

Make a rough guest list, to get an idea of how large or small your wedding is going to be. Split the list into three – absolutely must have (A list) – nice to have (B) – and everyone else (C). Is it going to be an all-day invitation, or day and evening?

Step Five

Start your venue search.  Take your top three priorities into account when making your choice. It’s a good idea to shortlist 3 or 4 venues and visit each one to get a real feel of the different venues available. This handy Questions to Ask sheet will help you during your visits.

Step Six

Now for the most important bit.  The Dress! Some designers require at least 6 months lead time to create your dress, so start the search early.  Check out our bridalwear shops in Surrey.

Step Seven

Hire a wedding planner. Mention the word wedding planner and ££££s flash before your eyes.  But actually a wedding planner can save you money.  A wedding planner has very good relationships with wedding suppliers and is able to negotiate a good price on their services. This is then passed on to you. It takes the stress out of your busy life and keeps your wedding budget on track.

Step Eight

Wedding photographers, particularly the most popular ones, are really busy. Begin your research for a photographer. Wedding Fairs are a good resource for photographers where you can see their work first-hand.

Step Nine

Finalise your choice of Venue, Dress, and Photographer and pay deposits to secure.

Step Ten

The fun bit of planning your wedding theme can begin.   Get going on Instagram and Pinterest for the latest inspiration.  Start a scrapbook and buy a wedding planner folder where you can gather all your material swatches, samples and ideas.

These first 10 steps to planning a wedding are the building blocks. Always keep your top three priorities in mind when making any decisions (does it agree with those?), and mindful of your wedding budget.