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Lose weight for your wedding in the shortest time possible

Lose weight for your wedding in the shortest possible time!

The Tim E Fitness goal can help you lose weight for your wedding in the shortest possible time.  They simplify everything for you and give you clear, concise instructions on how you can achieve the body of your dreams in the shortest time possible. This will result in permanent changes to your lifestyle which will leave you looking and feeling fantastic on your big day.

We truly believe this is the best money you will spend in your life!  After just 24 hours after completing a lifestyle questionnaire you will receive a personalised exercise and nutrition plan.

Lose weight for your wedding - WeddingsinSurrey.co.uk

How Does The Plan Work

You will receive your Online Plan before the agreed start date so you have time to get organised and go food/ supplement shopping. The training program will be two or three 4-week cycles (depending on your preference) of a progressive training program. Your nutrition plan will also be reviewed and changes will be made every four weeks..


All plans are personalised…, you will be sent a client consultation questionnaire asking for:

Your exact training goal (e.g. reduce body weight / increase strength / build muscle)

Foods you like / dislike

Current training (if any)

Fitness equipment / facilities available to you – a gym, would be great but certainly not essential

Past injuries

Tim-E Fitness will write a bespoke plan tailor made to your training and nutrition goals


24/7 unlimited questions/support on 12 week transformation plans

One message per week on 8 week transformation plans

Tim-E Fitness will hold your hand along the journey to help get you ripped/leaner/reach your goal and will answer ANY questions you have along the way

What are you waiting for?  Contact Tim-E Fitness today

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