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Find the Ideal Fragrance for your Wedding Day

Find the ideal fragrance for your wedding day by answering questions that will reveal the ideal fragrance for your special day.

Brides spend loads of time considering the sights and sounds that will be connected with their perfect wedding day. From images in magazines for finding the perfect updo to wedding dress designs, floral arrangements, and the perfect music for the ceremony, reception and after party.

Brides will need to make so many decisions including going to tastings and making sure the entrees and the cake are exactly what they were hoping for when appealing to the taste buds of guests. But smell is arguably the most important of the five senses, yet this aspect is rarely considered —  the wedding fragrance
The bride will likely be dancing with and hugging a number of people all night long so the scent that surrounds her should be as lovely as everything else she adorns, and should be unique to her personality as well.

Luckily, FragranceX has created a flowchart to help any bride easily find their signature scent. With odour profiles to make a wedding fragrance that matches the style of wedding, the character of the bride and even the drinks that are being served, the map below gives solid advice for those who are looking for a fragrance that matches their big day.

There are citrus tones that demonstrate a refreshing and relaxed sense or classic floral notes that might match a simple and elegant floral arrangement and feeling of romance. Whatever the frame of the occasion there is a wedding scent that can go with it.


Find the Ideal Fragrance for your Wedding - Weddings in Surrey

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