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Entertainment Ideas for an Informal Wedding

Decided to buck the formal trend and stuck for entertainment ideas for an informal wedding?  We’ve got some great suggestions from Warble Entertainment who can provide alternative wedding entertainment for your guests.  Perfect for the more relaxed wedding and for those ‘downtime’ moments during the day.

Informal weddings are a way of waving goodbye to the traditional formality that we’re so used to seeing at weddings.  Say hello to a more carefree and laid-back attitude towards your celebrations.

Opting for this approach has many advantages. Firstly, it can often be much cheaper to go casual on your special day, especially when considering the savings you can make on food and venue costs with a more relaxed approach. You will also end up with a completely different atmosphere on your day. Guests will be encouraged to enjoy themselves with the focus on family, friends and fun.

Ultimately this casual atmosphere comes from you and will naturally flow throughout your personality. However, here are some entertainment ideas for an informal wedding to really augment your theme.

Lawn Games

If you’re looking for a bit of freedom and outdoor space on your wedding day, start to think a little outside the box when searching for suitable venues.

Quirky and open spaces including farms, barns and country houses are perfect for allowing you that extra wiggle room to plan something fun for your guests. Utilising this extra space is a great way to lighten the mood and different outdoor activities will do just that! Encourage that idyllic childhood setting with games such as a Coconut Shy, Giant Jenga, Twister, Giant Connect Four or even the sport’s day classic Egg & Spoon Race. These are small touches that will leave a big impression.

Say Cheese!

Your wedding photographer will do their best to capture your special day and will often adhere to certain staged or posed photographs to ensure that everyone has been featured. Good wedding photographers are worth their weight in gold but can af

fect the flow of your day. Your guests might be getting along like a house on fire, only to be taken out of that moment for a staged photo.

Consider the idea of letting your guests take charge of their own photographical destiny here! Photo booths are great fun and really allow your guests to get involved with an optional place to pose and act silly.

The other way of capturing your day is encouraging your guests to actually do this themselves. Everyone carries a phone with them these days, and they all have fantastic cameras. Set up your own hashtag or online album and let your guests grab these special moments that you may have missed.

Roaming Bands

Barn style venues and outdoor settings lend themselves really well to chilling out and enjoying some great music.

Entertainment Ideas for an Informal Wedding - Weddings in Surrey

‘Roaming’ or ‘Walkabout’ bands are a non-intrusive and unique way of adding some live music to your wedding. Without the need of a PA or even a stage, they can seamlessly integrate themselves into your party and serenade guests up close! Having your band perform like this really enhances that informal feel.

Think Of The Children!

One of the biggest bridal dilemmas is how to keep the kids out of trouble, meaning a stress free day. Not only can well placed children’s entertainment help you avoid a meltdown, it can also create a fantastic atmosphere full of smiling faces.

Entertainment Ideas for an Informal Wedding in Surrey

Now imagine those same smiling faces, but as Spiderman or covered in butterflies! Face painting is a favourite amongst kids (and some eager adults), as well as any other designated areas for arts & crafts or somewhere for kids to get creative and have some fun.

Playing With Fire

An alternative to the traditional way of ending a celebration with lavish fireworks.  An actual fire performer can be a much more personal and amazing way to end the night.

Entertainment Ideas for an Informal Wedding - WeddingsinSurrey.co.uk

Many fire performers will have performed at numerous events including weddings and festivals, entertaining crowds with their incredible displays of danger and bravery! Witnessing fire used in this form appeals to our most instinctive attraction to commune around the warmth of the flames. A fire performer will feel just right as night begins to fall on your venue, meaning you and your guests can gather round for a thrilling finale to a relaxed day.

You can find all of these entertainers, wedding bands and DJs at Warble Entertainment.



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