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How to Choose the Perfect Bridal Lingerie

Here at Weddings in Surrey we’ve teamed up with Knicker Locker to answer the age old question of how to choose the perfect Bridal Lingerie

Finding the perfect underwear will not only make you feel great but can change the look and shape of your dress. From a waist pinching corset or a decent strapless bra.  Here’s some of our advice on how to choose it and what to choose.

Underwear or dress first?

Always dress first.  The style and shape of the dress dictates what underwear you can wear.  Some may mean strapless bra’s and seamless knickers.

Dress fitters are your new best friends

Dress fitters are a great source of knowledge on what lingerie you should choose.  They will be able to advised you on what style will suit your choosen dress. Ask them what they recommend and any tips they may have for your specific shape and dress.

Get Measured

Make sure you get yourself measured by a profession Bra fitter.  It’s amazing how many women wear the incorrect bra size for years without knowing.  Also different bra designers use different measuring guides so you can be different sizes depending on the range.

Here’s a guide from Knicker Locker if you’d like some help

Types, Styles and Colour

Type obviously depends on your dress style. Strapless is necessary for some dresses.  Be careful if you’ve chosen a loose fitting, light weight fabric dress, as lace and pattern may show through – Same applies to colour. Most dresses are heavily lined so you can get away with detailing but double check with your dress fitter before you purchase.

Dress, Underwear, Dress

We’re often asked in which order you should buy your underwear and dress.  We advise you purchase your dress, then suitable underwear, then try on both together at the next fitting.  Therefore you won’t be buying your bridal lingerie again if it doesn’t work with the dress.

Don’t Forget!

Weddings in Surrey

Hold ups are great but tend to fall down in the heat.  Trust me on this from a very embarrassing personal experience running for a bus on a night out with my holdups  now somewhere round my ankles! Anyway – suspender belts and stocking look great but don’t forget to have a handy pair spare incase they get a ladder.

Don’t forget your wedding night lingerie too!

For further information on wedding underwear of to

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