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Average Cost of UK Wedding Hits an All-Time High

The average cost of UK wedding hits an all-time high, rising by 19% over the previous year. Up from £27,000 to £ 32,000. Wedding budgets are bigger than ever! Not surprisingly London is top of the list for wedding expenses, averaging a massive £41,000. Yorkshire ranks the lowest spend, at £27,000, partly due to lower supplier costs.

82% of couples are now paying for part of their wedding and are very much swayed by social media in how they decide on their day. Deluges of images on apps such as Insta and Pinterest may be part of the reason why the average cost has risen so much.

The biggest part of the wedding budget is spent on the wedding venue, no surprises there. But you may be surprised to know that barns and farms have now overtaken hotels for preferred venues, which is great news for rural Surrey!

Weddings in Surrey have a selection of barns. Our top two barns in Surrey are Hookhouse Farm and Bysshe Court Barn. Two stunning farm venues in a rural setting, offering a blank canvas to theme your day, with a team of outstanding suppliers to help you create your vision.

Hookhouse Farm - Average Cost of UK Wedding Hits an All-Time High

Hookhouse Farm


Bysshe Court Barn - Average Cost of UK Wedding Hits an All-Time High

Bysshe Court Barn

Although there is a review of ancient marriage laws on where you can get married, both of these barns offer a wedding celebrancy service, creating a totally bespoke day. I do Celebrancy by Amy Park and Soozi Celebrant work with couples to create a fun, and thoughtful day to your wishes, without constraints.  In 2019 couples are embracing their own individual style to celebrate their wedding day with their friends.


Soozi Celebrant - Wedding Celebrant Surrey

Soozi Celebrant – Creating your bespoke wedding ceremony


I Do Celebrancy by Amy Park - Weddings in Surrey

I Do Celebrancy by Amy Park

Although the average cost of UK wedding is rising, to help you keep a check on your wedding budget spend, download the essential wedding budget calculator.  Simply enter your total  budget, enter what you wish to spend on each element of your day and the calculator will do the rest – letting you know when you are overspending!


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